Chasing Van Gogh?

In Provence, Mediterranean light saturates every surface. Fragrances of lavender, wild thyme and rosemary burst forth with rich perfumes, olive trees and vineyards promise savory juices from the earth.

A sensory overload, that can drive one to madness... but in painting, the elements of Provence are distilled- each moment to be savored.

Sample each of Caroline's paintings and drink in the richness of the south of France . . .

Caroline Zimmermann in Provence

“Lavender Panorama”  Provence   20” X 59”   Oil on Canvas

“Sunflowers in a Summer Breeze”

24” X 40”  Oil on Canvas

”Lavender en Plein Aire” Provence Lavender Painting 80cmx100cm

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”Poppies and Grain” Provence Lavender Painting 80cmx100cm