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Caroline Zimmermann


Castaways: Dreaming of Italy 2003

“Caroline Zimmermann in Tuscany”


Featured artist, Fine Living Channel

"Sich Treiben Lassen: Die Malerei von Karl Stengel" 2008


Participating artist, Paneuropa Film

"I Bevitori di Assenzio" 2005

Short Film

Art Director, Executive Producer

"Sanctified" 2010

Short Film

Art Director, Executive Producer

“Terroir” 2014

Feature Film (World Premiered 2014)

Production Designer, Producer

“The Absinthe Drinkers”  2013

Feature Film (pre-production)

Art Director

1984 Laguna Beach School of Art
1982-1989 California State University, Fullerton
    Bachelor of Fine Arts, Illustration
1992-1994 California College of the Arts and Crafts, Oakland
    Master of Fine Arts, Painting

Whether searching for powder, the perfect wave, or the perfect light to paint, Caroline's passion for travel has led her to all hemispheres of the earth. Her paintings in oils document her experiences in such varied environs as the South Pacific, Caribbean, Tuscany, Provence, the English countryside, Indonesia, as well the coast and mountains of her native California. In her richly painted compositions, shadows and vibrant colors create deep impressions evoking memories among those familiar with these settings.

“For 44 years I have been painting in oils. My painting process has always served as a way of physically communicating the memories of my life’s experiences and my travels.”

Caroline began painting in oils at the age of six, nurtured by creative parents and then immersed herself in the artistically rich setting of Laguna Beach.


It was in Laguna Beach that Caroline began surfing as a teenager. She soon became an accomplished surfer and cut a provocative figure on the waves as well as the beach. Seeking to broaden her horizons, she set out for surfing destinations around the world. This introduced her to an opportunity to paint exotic locales such as Bali, Fiji, Tahiti, South Africa, Barbados, El Salvador among others. Surfing was a passport to travel, and with time, her painting sustained her lifestyle.

This genre of painting brought Caroline early success and acclaim as an artist. Her work was featured in numerous surf publications, including two featured articles in The Surfers Journal.  

“I  begin the creative process by experiencing life. Moments in time are not simply recorded. They are a culmination of, much like experiences my painting process is.”


In 1992, Caroline was accepted with scholarship to the California College of the Arts and Crafts in Oakland. Her surfing travels were only slightly curtailed as she dedicated herself to mastering her craft. She devoted herself towards achieving her Master of Fine Art, which was successfully completed in 1994.


In the mid-nineties Caroline was drawn to more terrestrial inspirations: those of Tuscany and Provence. The tremendous response to these paintings encouraged her to return and discover the variations in color, light and atmosphere of all four seasons.

Her travels were halted, only briefly however, in early 1997 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32. Aggressive treatment was necessary, but even surgery and the rigors of chemotherapy did not keep her from continuing with her plans to spend that spring in Tuscany. With the encouragement of her oncologist, help from family and her Italian friends, she carried on with her plans and had two courses of chemotherapy in Pisa.

“It was the best time of my life during the worst time of my life... and since that spring, I return to Tuscany to be well.”

Returning visits to Tuscany over the past 18 years has inspired countless paintings and provided the means to establish a studio, Atelier il Corvo di Loro, in Loro Ciuffenna. She has led annual workshops and private lessons, and has had four exhibitions in the Val d’Arno area outside of Florence. Graham Fine Art in London’s Crouch End proudly represents her in the UK. The ability to stay and create in Tuscany, her place of healing, has given a profound depth to her works: An intimate view that goes far beyond a traveler’s passing observations, yet which resonates with those who have ventured into the Tuscan countryside.

“I often say that I paint to live and I live to paint”


Caroline’s years of education and painting experience culminate in works that are labor-intensive as well as creatively executed. Evident in her works is the mastery of diverse oil painting techniques which reflect life-long years of experimentation, study, and observation. In her smaller still life and en plein air sketches, she revels in spontaneous a la prima paint application. Time consuming studio pieces are thoughtfully created with numerous paint layers and glazes applied onto linen. The resulting paintings vary with surfaces ranging from the deeply transparent to creamy opaque; all celebrating her love for her medium, oil painting.


Caroline Zimmermann's permanent residence is in the artist's community of Laguna Beach, where she has lived, surfed and painted for over 30 years. For 24 of those years, she was an exhibitor at the Laguna Beach Festival of the Arts. Her work is featured at one of Southern California’s best known and established fine art venues, Lahaina Galleries. She divides her time between her home in Laguna Beach and her studio in Tuscany. A few months every year are spent traveling the world, gathering images and life experiences.


Caroline Zimmermann has also served as Executive Producer, Producer and Art Director on several motion picture films, most recently “Terroir” starring Keith Carradine. And in her latest endeavor, she is collaborating with her husband, film director John Charles Jopson, on the feature film “The Absinthe Drinkers”, exploring the darker side of bohemian Montmartre in the late 19th century.  Caroline is creating more than 75 Post-Impressionist style paintings that will be visually woven into Jopson’s film. Paintings include portraits of the decadent, opium addicted, central characters, as well as landscapes and interiors related to scenes that will be filmed on location in Tuscany and France.

“I’ve always considered myself an old soul, but painting these characters in period costumes brings a distant past to my present…something that resonates, and evokes a strange familiarity within me.”

Caroline’s initial study of the art dealer in The Absinthe Drinkers story, "Eduardo Gautier", won the Best in Show, Figurative and the Juror's Award at the 2010 Salon International.


Over the years, Caroline’s paintings have been purchased by such notable private collectors as Salvatore Ferragamo, The Duca di Sforza (Duke of Milan), Yvon and Malinda Chouinard, the Paul and Barbara Mandel Collection, the Principessa di Due Sicilia e Napoli, and Sir Michael Smurfit, among many others. Her works have been commissioned and purchased by the Patagonia Corporation, Nordstrom’s, Fives and Heronians Cricket Club, The Charthouse, Carrabba’s, and Inglenook Vineyards.